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my life right now

~ classes are going great!
~ i started crew today, it was fun!
~ i had a great weekend in tarra's home town. we went to a bar that had horses outside, a live country band, and cowboys. it was awesome.
~ tyler is flying up tmw for an interview with the EF ppl
~ my teacher pavlik recommended a summer job with the USFS this summer, i think i am going to go for it!




i got stung by a bee on the palm of my hand and now it is all ouchy with the pain.






i never post... but i am actually having a bonafide fannish moment

i just watched the season finale of supernatural and OMG it was so EPPIIIIIICCCCC!!!!!!!!

i cant wait til next season. WOOOOOOT!!!!

okay.... that is all....



i hope you have a wonderful day! YAY!!!!


....hello... anyone out there...?

hello livejournal....

sorry i have been using you for reading and commenting but not for posting. don't feel bad, i still love you.




i havent posted in over six months... that is kind of lame.....

oh well....




so me and tara decided we are going to go to the young wild things your in San jose!!!!!

and we are buying matching FOB shirts online.......right now. and we are gonna buy CIWWAF shirts when they get more of the ones we want in stock.

how cam you not love them!!!!

to bad the guy on the bottom isnt in it anymore, he is soooo cute.

and we got fish today and we named one of the Pete Wentz. YAY! and we named the 2 snails dean and sam!!!! yay!!!!!


I feel really bad for this girl. i love pickles!

ok...yeah....that's it.


"i love, love, love you"

why isnt life like a jane austin novel? seriously, life would be so good. roswellianpride and i just watched Pride and Prejudice and now we want to run away with mr. darcy and live happily ever after with the men of our dreams. le sigh. i could watch that movie everyday. it is so amazing. citibyrd, if you havn't seen it, you must get it at once. and then you should rip it and give it to me because i desperetly want it on my computer. can i just say that elizabeth's and mr. darcy's story is like, what i always want to happen with mr. you-know-who. like, i always thought he would see the error of his ways and fall madly in love with me. i dunno. i guess i am a romantic. too bad that probably wont happen ever. i mean, there must be a reason it is in movies, probably means it never happens in real life. anyhoo.....mr. you -know-who i going to call me back in a few minutes, he was riding his bike when i caled him. he was probably riding home from his girlfriend's house. goodnight!