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bobbyshmoe's Journal

40 year old virgin, 90's music, a-ha, anne bonny, asl, austin powers, backpacking, banana phone, beauty and the beast, being obsessive and posessive, being tall, blink 182, books on tape, buffy the vampire slayer, cake, captain blackbeard, cary grant, chinese food, chocolate, cobble stone, computer science, cool people like me, count duckula, crew, david bowie, dean winchester, doing strange voices, donnie darko, drew barrymore, dude where's my car?, dumb action movies, dumb teen movies, earrings, edward teach, ender's game, errol flynn, evil dead, exaggerating, f*r*i*e*n*d*s, feeling sorry for celia, figure skaters, firefly, founders commons dining hall, friends, gardening, greenday, harry potter, harry potter books, hedwigandtheangryinch, heroes, hiking, hitchcock, holes, html, humphrey bogart, i love lucy, icons, italy, jackets, jackie chan, jake gyllenhaal, james marsters, jarassic park, jared padalecki, jason webley, jensen ackles, jimmy stewart, johnny weir, labyrinth, laptops, lee van cleef, love among the walnuts, mary reade, matilda, mills college, miyazaki, money, ms. wadikins, my father's dragon, napoleon dynomite, napping, nate the great, pants, photography, pie rats ahoy!, pigeons, pippi longstockings, pirate movies, pirates, pirates of the carribean, potatos, princess mononoke, public transportation, queen, recycling, ribbons, river god, roald dahl, romantic comedies, rubin and ed, sam winchester, scoliosis, serenity, shopping, sitting on my porch, smashing pumpkins, southpark, spagetti westerns, speak, spike, spirited away, supernatural, the adventures of tintin, the avengers, the beatles, the bfg, the chipmunk adventure, the killers, the little mermaid, the office, the oz series, the rifleman, the simpsons, the smashing pumpkins, the twilight zone, the witches, the wonder years, tomatoes, traveling, travis wall, ultimate frisbee, vernon god little, veronica mars, walk two moons, warren oates, water skiing, weezer, what about bob?